It's been a while...

A Mere 505 Days Off…

I feel like I have written a few of these over the years, but it's once again that time. I've been neglecting my blog, my personal brand - and perhaps failing to share some opinions insights on the search marketing industry. I'm actively working on a series of draft posts - but here's a short list of what's happened in the past 505 days: Resigned as VP of Online ... [Continue Reading]

SEO Tools

SEO Tools & Software Alone Won’t Make You Successful #SEOLunch

SEO Tools... They're everywhere! From web based interfaces to downloadable apps, if you're involved with SEO work, you've probably tripped over a dozen already. While tools are en excellent asset for any practicing SEO, they're not the only thing required for success. There also seems to be this weird notion that SEO tools are a one-size-fit all type of resource, which ... [Continue Reading]

Kevin Rose, Google+ and Spilt Milk #SEOLunch

Kevin Rose, Google+ and Spilt Milk #SEOLunch

For all the pomp and circumstance, Google+ really is a floundering mess, isn't it? While that's surprising to some, it's not like Google has been very successful with their other social endeavors, either. Since launching the service last Summer, Google has tried incredibly hard to sell us on their (no longer) new and (not so) exciting social network. Now, I haven't ... [Continue Reading]

Google Assistant Wants to Be Your Android's Siri #SEOLunch

Google Assistant, Privacy Issues & Semantic Search #SEOLunch

Every week there seems to be more and more news involving Google's various products, services and now - investor relations. Since the launch of Google+ though, I've found it increasingly difficult to find non-industry sites discussing Google's changes as they happen in the search envinronment. Last week I caught an article on Search Engine Journal that highlighted some ... [Continue Reading]

Google's Self Imposed Chrome Penalty

Google’s Chrome Link Penalty Was a Load of BS #SEOLunch

A couple months ago there was a tremendous amount of commotion as Google was outed in what boiled down to a sponsored post campaign where more than 400 bloggers were paid to help build up backlinks to the Google Chrome browser download page. There is a lot of background on the core situation as well as the subsequent fallout, backpedaling and industry reaction. I ... [Continue Reading]

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Google’s Greed Has Produced Horrific Social Experiences #SEOLunch

A lot has been made of James Whittaker's comments regarding his tenure with Google and how there appeared to be a fundamental shift in Google's approach to social content and sharing. In short (in my Rick Pitino voice..): It stinks. And it sucks. And I don't like it. And you can bet your ass that Facebook's users aren't walking through that door. Now, despite ... [Continue Reading]