Awaiting the Launch of SponsoredReviews

Awaiting the Launch of SponsoredReviews

A little over a month I decided to finally sign up for an account on PayPerPost. After talking to Gerhart about it on AIM one night, he recommended that I check out ReviewMe. In short, I’m very impressed with ReviewMe, and not so much with PayPerPost. Still, there’s a new company to add to the mix: SponsoredReviews.

Yesterday, Todd Malicoat posted on his blog that SponsoredReviews is launching soon. His blog post prompted me to review what SR is all about, and now that I have — I’m very excited about it. You can go and check things out yourself — but here are my favorite aspects…

Manual Pricing / Bidding System
With PayPerPost, anyone with an actively hosted blog on wordpress can earn money with their posts. That’s a bit unfair in my opinion to those who work long and hard to develop their blog (ReviewMe gets this). Here though with SponsoredResults, manual pricing and the option of bidding allows for advertisers and publishers to negotiate for fair opportunities. That’s a huge improvement over what’s available at the other sites.

Search Abilities
One of the most frustrating things for me when trying PayPerPost was that you had X number of opportunities available and you could only sort them by payout, date, or length requirement. That’s all well and good — but it also prompts publishers to post nonsense simply because they’ve seen a high paying opportunity that they know nothing about. It has ruined more than a few blogs and continues to do so. Here, what would be a simply fix for PayPerPost to implement now becomes a competitor’s advantage. Say you run a blog on basketball — you can log in, search for related opportunities, and be done. No more searching and sifting without any rhyme or reason.

All in all, I’m excited and anxious to get a glimpse of SponsoredReviews once they launch. I think that ReviewMe has done a great job, but is a bit too difficult for some bloggers to be approved. As a result, they have not grown as much as I think the model would support. PayPerPost is growing too quickly, and as mentioned above it has led to some questionable blog posts out there. SponsoredReviews, at the very least, sounds as if they’ll bridge that gap a bit.

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  1. Thx for the comments Eric, I’m glad you picked up on some of the key differences. We spent a lot of time reviewing the other companies out there, in order to come up with what we think is a good combination of the best of each.

    Keep Blogging!

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