Blogging a Study’s Findings? Please Post Clear Facts!

Blogging a Study’s Findings? Please Post Clear Facts!

Sometimes I come across articles that I feel compelled to send along to others… and sometimes, those articles let me down.

I’m a big fan of Navneet Kaushal and the Unofficial SEO Blog – but today, they let me down. Admittedly, it’s the first time in months of reading, and I still love the site — but a letdown is still a letdown.

See… In the world of SEM, I’m an organic search guy. That’s not to say that I dislike paid search or don’t know it — but organic is my little love. If I come across stats that help back it up, I’m all about spamming everyone in my address book to let them know just how important I am. what I do is for them.

Today, I wanted to send this out:
PPC Ads Are Ignored 88.5% Of The Time!

But right up there, above the fold is a bold statement that is flawed. I’m sure that Kaushal knows what he meant to say, but if I were to send this off to any pretentious contacts (which I have many of, but you are not one… don’t worry), they’d jump on my shit for this comment:

“For as much as 88.5% of the time people don’t pay attention to PPC adverts, which means that the click through rate is just 11.5% overall.”

Paying attention to sponsored links does not mean that you’ve clicked on them. It simply means that you’ve been paying attention to them. That would be the same as saying that the other 88.5% always clicked one of the organic results.

Navneet — please don’t think I’m nit-picking or hating! I love your blog, but this particular post prompted me to use you as an example to make a point.

One thought on “Blogging a Study’s Findings? Please Post Clear Facts!

  1. Eric,

    Read your post. (Sorry for replying so late)
    That’s not what I meant. I have since modified the post, to reflect my intended views!

    Hoping to have you as our reader always :)


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