How Can Google Reader Have No SEARCH Box?

How Can Google Reader Have No SEARCH Box?

Google gets a lot of things done, and done right. Still, it’s no secret that I’m anti-Google in more discussions these days.

Last week we had a department meeting at the office, and it was asked that we share our commonly used resources. Everything from bookmarks, tricks of the trade, RSS feeds, etc.

It was easy pulling out my RSS feeds to share with others (after carefully filtering out those that I consider to be “protected” resources…). After having gotten some new RSS feeds though from colleagues — I’m missing one blatantly obvious and needed option.

The ability to search.

So I’m just ranting here… but can someone explain to me how Google, the company that is dedicated to making information more readily available to those through search… can release a product or service like Google Reader… that features NO search options?

One thought on “How Can Google Reader Have No SEARCH Box?

  1. Eric,
    This is something that I have detested since using reader for my XML/RSS needs. I really cannot understand why they would consider a product without the basic function that is the root of their business, search. One thing that this does enable, is competition to step in and do it better.

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