WebmasterRadio’s SEO 101 Program

WebmasterRadio’s SEO 101 Program

Update: After just three short weeks of co-hosting the program alongside Ross Dunn, I’ve resigned as a host and wish the program the best of luck.

My plans for 2009 continue to become more exciting. I just got word back from Ross Dunn, and the folks at WebmasterRadio.FM have made it official… I’ll be Ross’ new co-host on the SEO 101 program that airs each Monday at 5:00PM ET.

What is SEO 101?
SEO 101 is weekly program that speaks to Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” from the very beginning. The goal of the SEO 101 program will be to interact and teach listeners about the many aspects of SEO by sharing helpful information without overwhelming them with technical details.

Joining Up with Ross Dunn and WebmasterRadio.FM
I met Ross back in February of 2007 at SMX West and he’s a great guy, great SEO and a wonderful father. If you aren’t already keeping tabs on what Ross is doing – please connect with him on Twitter and check out his company, StepForth Web Marketing Inc..

Darrell Long, Eric Lander, Ross Dunn and David WallaceHere’s a photo of [L to R] Darrell Long, myself, Ross and David Wallace at Bennigan’s last February in Santa Clara. [Photo Credit to David Wallace]

Ross and I have obviously been pretty excited about this, and here’s his take on the development:

SEO 101 on WebmasterRadio.fm has been a big success since Jennifer Evans Laycock and I took it on and revived it but when Jennifer left due to time constraints I needed someone to fill some big shoes. Thankfully I have been around long enough to know just how good a guy and SEO Eric Lander is. So when he agreed to be my co-host on the show it felt great to know the show was once again whole. Now it is time for us to plan out some great shows!!

To compound on that, I also want to thank Jennifer for her contributions to the show (and our industry) and wish her the best with all that she has going on. We’ll certainly try to steal her back and get her back on the air for our listeners, too. :)

About Webmaster Radio
Webmaster Radio LogoFounded in November, 2004 – WebmasterRadio.FM is a free, 24/7, interactive Internet Radio Network focused on the B2B digital marketing world. We have burst on to the Internet Media scene as a community destination with 100% original programming, live broadcasts, archives, and podcast shows. We are proud to boast that our shows are hosted by the most respected names in the business world!

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  1. This is my first visit here and on webmasterradio.fm. You people are doing great as I just finished off listening “Keyword Research with the Keyword Guru”. I’ll say that it’s a big big stuff to follow and catch all those SEO GURUS. Perhaps I could never figure out all that staff on my own but this top notch stuff really amazed me.

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