Joost De Valk Aids Depersonalized Search on Google

Joost De Valk Aids Depersonalized Search on Google

For too long now, I’ve been searching Google with careful attention to detail. Despite all the care in the world though, combined with the aggressive advancements of GUS or “Google Universal Search — I’ve seen personalized search patterns developing and altering my SERPs.

I really hate that. Maybe it’s my background from being in SEO so long — but it’s tough for me to relate to clients’ needs when they’re seeing entirely different results than I am. Perhaps more importantly, they tend to get frustrated when I cannot see specifically what they are seeing.

Well, for many of us who have been super concerned with Google’s evil ways — please give a warm welcome to Joost De Valk and his new invention… Google de-Personalized Search for Firefox and IE7

This is a browser plug in that allows you to continue searching Google as you always have been, but it does so while eliminating any personalized search history or influences.

Granted, Google may become wise to this over time and give it a nulpt… But in the meantime, it’s all about standardizing results — and you can bet that I’ll be using it more and more until I no longer am able to.

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