Welcome to #SEOLunch

Welcome to #SEOLunch

For years now I have failed to keep my blog up to date. I have a dozen or more posts partially written – but let’s be honest… They’ll never see the pages of this blog.

While it’s certainly possible that this is just another excuse, it seems that I can rarely afford the time to spend developing the quality posts (read: rants and raves) I aspire to produce.

In an effort to make sure the blog has a pulse then, I’m going to begin posting shorter posts daily called “SEO Lunch.” The incredibly clever name refers to when I’ll be looking to churn these posts out.

That said, if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see me discuss each day, be sure to tweet me at @ericlanderseo with #seolunch – and I’ll do my best to work your topics into the mix.

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