Yahoo Basing Click Charges on Quality of Traffic

Yahoo Basing Click Charges on Quality of Traffic

If you’re Yahoo! — how can you beat Google’s Quality Score and remain an attractive program beyond the introduction of the Panama system?

One way is to start charging different amounts based ont he quality of traffic coming through your YSM account.

YahooPete posted a message on Monday night on the WebmasterWorld forum that discussed these and ralted changes being made to the platform. Here is one of the kwy points that I found most important from that post

A partner’s quality is generally based upon our assessment of their ability to delivery quality traffic to you. Yahoo! takes multiple factors into account, such as conversion rate and other appropriate measures when assessing a partner’s quality.

I’ve tested the waters (note: a long, long time ago) with YSM and while I was impressed, I didn’t get the volume of users viewing my ads for me to be happy. As a result, I pulled my ads and took more of my ad spends over to Google’s AdWords system.

This is certainly intriguing to me though and may prompt me to review the option again more thoroughly.

If you’re not already doing so, be sure to review the active discussion on the topic and try to draw some conclusions on how this will all play out…

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