What are You in it For?

What are You in it For?

What are You in it For?So many times I sit back and wonder why it is I work in the field I do. Let’s face it, SEO and the search engine industry is a dynamic environment. Changing like the weather here in New England on any given day, I’m attracted by the challenges presented to me.

In my career, I face clients who are always looking for something different. That really keeps me going because I know that the next day presents challenges that I may not have faced before. On the side, I enjoy working with those who are eager to learn more about SEO and the industry — and I’m rewarded when I see them becoming successful.

Back in February of this year though, I was introduced to the real reason I’m in it for keeps. On the 7th of February my son Camden was born — and in an instant — everything changed. Since then, I’ve joined up with a Fortune 500, gotten back into the white collar world, and am enjoying every minute of it.

Today we took him down to the nearest BabysR’us and had some photos taken at Kiddie Kandids… And I just had to post them up on the blog for friends who haven’t seen him yet.

And to finish off on a random tangent — I’ve always believed in a quote that I’ve heard from Jason Mraz, that my friend Travis has also reiterated to me as important… (paraphrashing here):

“There’s two things you have to do in your life every day to be successful. One of them is to sweat… and other one is to laugh.”

Camden makes me laugh and smile every time I see him look back at me. And working, as hard as I have been recently, makes me realize that I’ve made some strong choices lately to get things going in the right direction.
And with that in mind, I’ll end this randomly personal post with another quote I love:

“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.”

And that, in a nutshell, is why I’m in it. What are you in it for? Comment and let me know!

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  1. Eric,
    I am glad to see that not everyone is in it for themselves! My first is due in December, not sure if they will be a boy or girl, but I can’t wait to see their eyes and to see them smile… Good luck with your son, and you renewed career.

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