Tired of Hiding From Your SEO Problems?

Audits are only scary when they come from the IRS. Learn what to fix, how to fix it - and why with an affordable SEO audit.

16+ Years of Experience

Isn't it time you hired a veteran to responsibly handle your online marketing and SEO needs?

HTML Composition

Simple markup can lead to complex problems! An SEO audit will bring to light many issues throughout your site preventing optimal visibility.

Content Marketing

In today's hyperactive online society, it takes big ideas to stand out from the crowd. Are you ready to shine?

Growth Marketing

Do you need to show explosive growth in reach, traffic and signups? Lets work together to provide the catalyst your business needs.

Social Media Marketing

From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest - lets work together to develop a comprehensive (and cost effective) social campaign.

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Eric has a tell-like-it-is approach to business that I've come to appreciate over the years. If you're looking for someone to take your internet marketing efforts to the next level, Eric's your guy. If you're looking for someone to sugar coat the facts, and tell you just what you want to hear - you may want to look elsewhere.

Eddy D.

Eric is an SEO black-belt. He understands all aspects of search engine optimization: design, content, linking, backend functionality, industry developments, etc. Because of this deep comprehension of how technology works in harmony, he is able to deliver amazing and lasting results for his clients.

Paul M.

These days many claim to be SEO/SEM experts. While the subjects become more analogous to that of emerging web technologies, Eric is someone I constantly defer to when needing clarification. His level of expertise and knowledge of internet technologies and their relationship to search has proven invaluable.

Jean A.