Coca Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Commercial: On Point, or Out of Line?

Coca Cola’s ‘America the Beautiful’ Super Bowl Commercial: On Point, or Out of Line?

As a blended Portuguese American marketer director aspiring to work with global brands who married a Scottish Native American all I can say is... How dare the third largest global brand suggest that the country I call home is beautiful after we washed ashore a few hundred years ago to steal it from its rightful owners! Perspective, like America, is indeed ... [Continue Reading]

First Time Attendee Tips for SMX

First Time Attendee Tips for SMX East 2013

  Yesterday I learned that a former colleague is attending his first SMX conference when he'll travel to New York in October for SMX East 2013. Having attended a number of SMX conferences in the past as a speaker, attendee and member of the press - I wanted to share some tips with him to help him get the most from this impressive lineup and agenda. So, in no ... [Continue Reading]

Late to a Meeting? Perhaps You're Lacking Integrity

“Sorry, I’m Late…” & Other Overused Phrases in the Workplace

Earlier this evening, Andrew Clarke, a fellow Associate Director at d50 Media shared an article with me via email. The article is actively passed around on LinkedIn and is showing up in a number of feeds - so perhaps you've already seen it. if you haven't, it's called Stop Using These 30 Phrases At Work! - and includes a number of gems, including these (my favorites of ... [Continue Reading]

Three Common Issues Found in Recent SEO Audits

3 Common Issues Found in Recent SEO Audits

I have worked on building my SEO Audit and Site Review business over the past year. In doing so, I have had the opportunity to work with everyone from entrepreneurs trying to run a company themselves, right on through to Fortune 500 companies. Amazingly, many of the mistakes or issues I come across are consistent across the board - regardless of who's responsible or how ... [Continue Reading]

The School of Hard Knocks

Q&A: If you could do it all over again in SEO, would you?

Reviving my blog and making a commitment towards building new content means that I have to contend with an all too familiar problem: I never know what to write about next. As tends to be the case with blogs lacking new content for years at a time, my regular audience has waned a bit. When these times hit, I tap  social networks and look for suggestions from friends ... [Continue Reading]

Jumping Jobs Frog

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Job Jumper

Aside from Hurricane Irene, August of 2011 was just an ordinary month capping off an otherwise ordinary New England summer. Little did I know, it was the last month in which I had full control over my career. Living in the suburbs midway between Boston and Providence, I visited my job's home office in Southern California quite often. For three years I flew out every ... [Continue Reading]