Boston SEO Meetup Recap & Video

Boston SEO Meetup Recap & Video

Last night I was the guest speaker for The Cambridge Search Engine Optimization Meetup Group and tried my best to tackle “content”. It was challenging as such an open ended topic, but I hope that I provided some insight or opinions to attendees that made the night worthwhile.

Special thanks to Adam Green for posting the video on his blog and uploading it to Blip. Also, thanks to, a provider of Auto Repair Shop Reviews online.

So… here’s me making a fool of myself… Enjoy! :)

The handout that was provided to attendees is also available here as a PDF. Here’s a preview of that document.

8 thoughts on “Boston SEO Meetup Recap & Video

  1. Thanks for the recap! I was really disappointed that I had to miss it, it’s like the third time in the three years running I’ve missed one of our Meetups! And, it looks like I missed a great one.

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