Dan Crow of Google, SEMNE & unavailable_after META Tags

Dan Crow of Google, SEMNE & unavailable_after META Tags

On Tuesday night, I was given the opportunity to attend SEMNE’s event “Getting into Google” at the Providence Marriot. The speaker for the night was Dan Grow of Google, and by the end of the night — I had learned a few things.

My Introduction to SEMNE
First, I’d like to tip my hat to Jill Whalen and Pauline Kerbici , co-founders of SEMNE. They put on a great event, and I just hope that everyone in attendence was able to get the most out of the night. It’s not every day that you’re able to walk right up and chat with a senior Google engineer.

Jill extended a discount to our entire department at the office, and it was great to see us all there and talking search over a couple of drinks through the course of the night.

unavailable_after META Tags
One of the more interesting topics of the night for me was Dan’s discussion of the unavailable_after META Tags and how Google will begin using them in the future. On a high level, Google will soon support the use of a single META tag, called the unavailable_after, that instructs GoogleBot on how long a page should remain indexed. It’s great for things like limited time offers, seasonal content, etc.

3 thoughts on “Dan Crow of Google, SEMNE & unavailable_after META Tags

  1. At the same conference… from what I understand a new Meta tag, named unavailable_after will soon be available. When Googlebot goes out to crawl, this will allow you to mark a page so it is removed from the search results after the date you choose.

  2. This was a great new feature that we were introduced to tonight. I cant wait to hear more about it and see it in action. Hopefully it won’t get nulpt!

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