Google PageRank Updates Continue

Google PageRank Updates Continue

I’m not too sure how many sites are seeing different values out there, but a number of client sites as well as some of my own have undergone PageRank updates at some point this weekend. The changes took place at some point between Friday night and Sunday morning — at least, that’s when I began noticing them.

There’s no rhyme or reason to what I’m seeing just yet. Initially I suspected that the domains I had been building and exchanging links for had been hit — but I’m not sure that’s the case. I really cannot be sure if this is an extension of other penalties or filters — or if I’m just a bit unlucky.

In 20 of my active domains, a small group has been hit by the update. Two sites I manage for small family businesses dropped to the lowly value of one. These sites had values of three or four on Friday.

I haven’t seen a lot of coverage on any possible updates, aside from the major update that took place a few weeks back. If you’re following it though, or looking for additional information — check these links out:

If you can add any reports of your findings… Please do so here with the comments below.

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