Is Google an Innovator or Bully? [Open Discussion]

Is Google an Innovator or Bully? [Open Discussion]

Earlier today Jim Spencer from JBS Partners commented on Google’s decision to acquire Motorola’s mobile phone business. His comments got me thinking about why Google would pay $12.5 billion — offering the company a 61% premium on their going rate — to get a deal done now.

Jim was careful in his commentary, indicating that others have steadfastly defended Google’s innovation to him. I found that a bit funny since that perspective was shared just a month after they cloned Facebook and called it Google+.

So, I want to know what YOU think.


Is Google a true innovator or just another tech industry bully?

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My take is this…
I’ve been critical of Google in the past and I have no intentions of letting off the gas. I said to Jim through the course of our initial discussion…

Google has done a tremendous job of innovating monopolization.

2 thoughts on “Is Google an Innovator or Bully? [Open Discussion]

  1. After the google+ letdown, I have no idea what to think. Google amazing me at the ridiculous amount of potential they are constantly sitting on (in companies they’ve bought, patents they own, technology they’ve “labbed”, employees, etc), and how little actually gets shipped properly. Good topic Eric.

  2. Both, of course.

    It’s like that guy who had one really huge hit in the 80’s, and keeps trying to come up with a second one. Occasionally he gets close, and he takes some really weird turns, releases some total dogs, but he can’t quite get back to that level.

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