Nominated For Three SEMMYs!

Nominated For Three SEMMYs!

Armed with an RSS subscription checking blogs for any appearance of “Eric Lander”, I can usually tell when people are talking about me (or, a highly accomplished human genome scientist, who I am not).

Today, I was greeted to the wonderful news that I’ve been nominated for my work on Search Engine Journal for three SEMMY awards. WTF is a SEMMY you ask? Dude, it’s the proverbial who’s who of search marketing, spreading the love and rewarding others for top shelf information and ideas. Likely intoxicated, they thought I was a solid contributor in 2007.

Seriously though, Matt McGee is wonderful guy, and it’s obvious to anyone who knows him that he’s the kind of cat to be running something like this. He took me under his wing at SMX Social, and showed me the ropes, the people I needed to know, and really got me back into my career in SEM. Matt’s the creator of the SEMMY awards, and describes this year’s SEMMYs as:

…an annual awards event honoring some of the best articles and blog posts from the search marketing industry, as voted by the industry. We have 127 authors nominated, representing 111 blogs/sites.

For now, it seems like the judges will be figuring out which posts are the finalists for each category… In the meantime, I’m simply pleased to know that I’ve been nominated for three SEMMY awards:

Bjork, AP PhotoPPC Category
Google’s Behavioral Targeting Flaws Put Advertisers at Risk
Eric Lander, Search Engine Journal | 10/26/07

Google Category
Google Webmaster Tools: A Comprehensive Guide
Eric Lander, Search Engine Journal | 9/26/07

Linkbait Category
The Necessary Evolution of Linkbait
Eric Lander, Search Engine Journal | 10/5/07

In the event that I ever make it in as a finalist, I’m totally planning to pull a Bjork and show up at a mythical red carpet event with a goose dress.

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