Project Jump Start Participation

Project Jump Start Participation

I haven’t been blogging much, but did want to quickly cover Project Jump Start and why I’m choosing to be involved.

Our industry can suck sometimes. There’s a lot of finger pointing, calling out, name calling and veiled disrespect thrown around daily. I’ve both contributed to and been the focus of that nonsense. As I learn more each day, actions speak louder than words.

Rather than sit back and watch the community attack itself, I’ve chosen to be involved with DazzlinDonna‘s Project Jump Start. It’s an initiative that gets those who have been successful in search and social media to give back to those looking to do the same.

Small efforts can surely add. Project Jump Start will absolutely be an example of this for 12 motivated individuals. Please take some time now to read more about the project and the purpose.

I want to thank David Harry (@theGypsy) for mentioning this on Twitter and catching my attention with it.

We’ve all got the ability to help improve things if we decide to take action and not just talk a good game. I’d encourage anyone to get involved in this, and applaud good friend Jeff Quipp and Samir Balwani for their participation, too. And you too, should you join us.

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