Search Marketing: It’s All About Perspective

Search Marketing: It’s All About Perspective

Like so many other things in this world, our success can truly be defined only by our perception. If a valued client of ours tells us that we have failed — we have one of two choices for a response.

Search Marketing: It's All About PerspectiveFirst, we can side with them and agree that failure has been the result. Or, we could fight to force upon a new perception — one where a favorable outcome is shared by all.

We’re marketing folks though, so we know how to work the angles, skew the numbers, and buy ourselves time. Before getting too far into my post though, I would invite you to review the videos of Julian Beever — a brilliant mind who illustrates the power of perception more dramatically than I have ever seen.

Understanding Point of View
As you watch the above video, consider how all of Julian’s work is done with one single point of view in mind. If viewed from the side, upside down, or in partial view… the results are horrifying. Information is bent out of proportion, things look disastrous and his time and efforts seem pointless.

When you look through the single point of view though, things become crystal clear. And while others may not see exactly what you see — it is this point of view that had determined the success of Julian’s work.

For me, grasping this fact was actually a challenge. For years I’ve been providing SEO services, reporting and analytical summaries to clients from two perspectives. First — I needed to prove my effectiveness and value. Secondarily, I would show how my client’s goals were addressed and assume that was enough to continue a business relationship.

Over time though, clients drop off… Results pale to initial efforts… and efforts feel as though they have gone wasted.

As marketing professionals, it should be our passion and responsibility to communicate with clients to the point where we are viewing and determining success from a shared point of view.

Are the Client’s Always Right?
Clients are always right in that they know how to manage their business. They know who and how to sell their products or services to, and they hire us to help increase results for them by tapping the power of the search industry.

On the surface, that process is simple to understand.

Digging deeper though, there’s an inherent need to educate our clients on how to properly measure success when it comes to search marketing. Are visitors the be-all, end-all statistic? Of course not — because all the visitors in the world, if gathered from low quality sources, will do nothing for the client. On the flip side of that coin, if you begin measuring only conversions — you assume the responsibility of being accountable for poor sales copy, sales processes and pricing.

In the end you need to work with your client to determine the shared point of view. It is from that single point of view that true success can be determined. So, before you fire off a defensive report that helps to prove your effectiveness — sit back, pick up the phone, and communicate with your client. Focus to find that point of view and work together to grow the results of your efforts.

And always remember the efforts of Julian Beever. He boasts an incredible mind, and one that illustrates this example perfectly.

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