2009 SEMMY Award Finalist in 2 Categories

2009 SEMMY Award Finalist in 2 Categories

I’ve been named a finalist in two separate SEMMY Award categories. Please support the SEMMY Awards and their fairness by voting for what you feel are the best articles prior to .

Google 2009 Finalist
Sitelinks Research, Examples, Theories and Best Practices
This post came shortly after my SMX East 2008 Panel on Google SiteLinks. With assistance, feedback and findings reported back from other search marketers, this post was aimed at providing some opportunities for SEOs and webmasters to better control their domain’s Google SiteLinks. I’m up against excellent posts from Aaron Wall (What is a #1 Google Ranking Worth?) and one from Bill Slawski (How Google Universal Search and Blended Results May Work).
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Rants – 2009 Finalist
Ranting: Google & Online Reputation Management
I guess it isn’t much of a surprise that if I were going to have a quality rant, it’d be about Google. I do find it somewhat laughable though thata rant of mine might be compared alongside one from Rae Hoffman. Her post about these SEMMY Awards (The SEMMYS Launch, The Whineys TBA) joins Danny Sullivan’s Crappy MP3 Sites, Comment Spamming & Enough Already and David Harry’s Social Media Cash Grab as competing finalists.
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