I’ve Resigned as ADP’s Organic Search Manager

I’ve Resigned as ADP’s Organic Search Manager

In what has become an exciting turn of events, another chapter of my career is underway.

As the title suggests, I have resigned from ADP, Inc. and will remain on hand for transitional efforts through February 6, 2009. My time spent with ADP has been incredibly enlightening. From the highs of successful projects to the automotive industry’s role in our economy, I have met a number of wonderful people and learned a wealth of knowledge.

Those who have known me a while likely know that I have co-founded two SEO firms in the past. Rather than start up another firm this time, I’m going to back to a simpler time of consulting on organic SEO and project management.

Thankfully too, I am fully booked and unable to accept any new contract work or opportunities. This is a very, very good opportunity both to exit ADP and make the most of a new and exciting opportunity. There may be more details in coming months, too.

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  1. Congratulations and good luck! I hope your new career path brings you some much needed peace and an escape from the world of corporate politics. :)

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