Google Releases PC Version of AdWords Editor 3.0

Google Releases PC Version of AdWords Editor 3.0

My professional New Year’s Resolution, if there ever were one, was to begin to understand and use PPC more on a regular basis.  To date, I’ve strictly been an organic SEO guy.  While I have an AdWords account, it took my downloading the new editor to really begin to find the PPC game “fun” again.

In short, the new editor offers minor improvements over the previous version.  As the AdWords Blog summarizes, the new features include:

  • Add or edit site-targeted campaigns
  • Add or edit negative sites for keyword- and site-targeted campaigns
  • Edit another account while posting or checking your changes
  • Pause or resume individual ads, keywords, and sites
  • See the number of rows you’ve selected in the data view

Again, I’m new to the PPC game in that I’ve managed other people’s efforts from an overview perspective at best.  I’ve never been knee deep in it all.  If you’ve got experience with the previous editor though, I’d love to hear more about what you think of the new editor — so comment below!

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