Is there a Growing Demand for Paid Submissions?

Is there a Growing Demand for Paid Submissions?

Earlier today I came across Brett’s post about the new Yahoo! Basic Site Submit program that was released to users.

It got me thinking… Is there a growing demand for paid submissions again in the industry?  My immediate answer is — YES!

I know that there have been paid submission programs available to webmasters and marketers for a while, but they’ve all failed to match the once great Inktomi programs from Position Technologies.  In short, I’ve always found paid submission programs to be very successful and rewarding.  If nothing else, they teach you to become proactive in making organic optimization changes and to track results and referrals on a regular basis.

The trouble is, the reach itself has always been lacking.  The Inktomi program, while good — simply didn’t portray itself as a valuable traffic source.  That may have been the markets I was working in at the time — but even some of my old SEO clients found the same to be true.

Now, I’m obviously stating that there is a growing need for paid submission programs… So I’m a fan of Yahoo!’s new offer.  The reason is simple — they have the branding, reach and affordability that make the program attractive to users of all levels.

If you haven’t had a chance to do so yet, be sure to check the new program out.  If you’re in need of larger services and tools — check out Yahoo’s  Search Submit Pro program.

I’ll be dumping some money into the program in the not so distant future to give it all a try again.  Hopefully the optimization and analytical tools that they offer a bit more up to date than the older tools that PositionTech offered on the Inktomi program.

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