Google Screws Up… On a Universal Level

Google Screws Up… On a Universal Level

I’ve been busy beyond belief the past few days, but yesterday’s news on Google’s Universal Search is something that really motivated me to finding time to post.

For years now, Google has made the search industry worse. Yesterday though, I got some good news when I heard that Google Universal Search was released.

At one point yesterday, I told myself that I had never before seen such a horrifying SERP. Then, I hit up Google for something else — and was proven wrong.

Kudos to those willing to sell their souls for the sake of monetizing and killing search.

I’m quite sure that Google has stepped far too forward here with this Universal Search thing. Admittedly, I haven’t had too much time to read all the press on the matter — but here’s the deal, as summarized by WebmasterWorld member skipfactor:

As a user, when I want raw search I want raw search.

steveb then hits the nail on the head:

Someday Google might make a change that improves its core search product…
…or not.

Weigh in and learn more about this though… In the meantime, I’ll work on a more thorough review, response, etc.

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