Google Testing New SERP Layout

Google Testing New SERP Layout

Shortly after testing the new format of the top two sponsored listings, Google is now playing around with their SERP layout.  I caught this first over on Gerhart’s blog — but major props are due to Lee Odden for grabbing a screenshot and blog post for us all to enjoy.

I’m not going to say the same things over again, so here are some keys to what Lee had to offer on the matter (emphasis mine)…

The example above shows a link to Google Products. However, other keyword queries generate links to other Google search products: Google News, Scholar, Blogs, Books, Video, etc. I am only able to create these results on Firefox using Google, not via MSIE or Opera browsers.

And, as Andrew offers…

…fact it pushes the Adwords ads in the right column down removing at least one ad from above the fold.  Would you be pleased if it was yours that got knocked out?

Great points by both bloggers.  Now, here’s my take.  First, the addition of a box like shown to push users to other Google search products is not a bad thing.  It is however a dicey situation given how poor these products can be.  If Google is testing a layout matter only — it’s all good.  If they’re planning to link to the other products as is… I’m less thrilled.

Next, I’m concerned about the real estate this box uses.  It could be closer to the top (therefore granting more space to AdWords ads) and it’s not helping to refine the search at all.

Bottom line — I’m pleased to see them testing something new — but this wouldn’t be a solid change to implement.

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