The Move to Open Source

The Move to Open Source

As a general web developer, I often rely on the creature comforts of running a Windows environment. That’s certainly true in an office with dozens of others all running on the same platform and network.

When I mentally check out though and head home — I could care less about what I’m using — and MORE about what I’m accomplishing.

After a week long bout with installing Ubuntu 7.10 on an aging Dell Inspiron 5000e, I’m pleased to say — this post is being written in an entirely open source environment.

Big whoop, right? I’m entirely positive that my move to open source (on one of our four home computers) is nothing more than a small step for me – at best.

I’m by no means a power user. I don’t need to be working on a Linux box to do anything specific… and to be clear — I could care less about how much money Bill Gates or Steve Jobs makes.

The move to Linux for me, and in particular, Ubuntu, represented a small step in my efforts to become a stronger developer.

I’m always working on PHP and MySQL sites, and development on a PC box is limiting at times. Uploading everything and not being able to truly simulate my hosting environment simply limits how much — and how quickly I can be working.

So yeah… It’s Ubuntu time.

Off the record, it doesn’t matter when you’re using FireFox and WordPress… Windows is the same as Ubuntu is the same as on a Mac… Well, you get the point.

11 thoughts on “The Move to Open Source

  1. Eric, You have properly demonstrated the first step in the switch to *nix-based systems: Calling a machine a “Box”. Welcome to the family!

  2. I agree with you. It doesnt matter whatever you are using. As long as it is useful for your advantage, go for it. There’s no rule to stop you from using another OS, the only problem is the compatibility of your present software to your new OS.

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