The Unholy Church of Wikipedia

The Unholy Church of Wikipedia

I’ve made it a point not to read too far into my notes from SMX until next week when I’ll start blogging more in depth posts… but I simply can’t resist the temptation tonight to just address the holier than though attitude practiced by some wikipedians. So, if you’re a wikipedia volunteer, editor or admin… please listen up.

I understand that your time is valuable. Donating endless hours in an effort to improve the world’s most popular reference tool is something that I commend you on. In fact, I am amazed at how much you and your colleagues have managed to do in so very little time.

It pains me then to know that you despise me with such intensity. Someone as driven, focused and unbiased as you should have the ability to understand and appreciate the role of marketing in modern media. Sadly, you do not… And you have gone so far as to publicly slam search marketers looking to use your reference tool as an aid. Rather than embracing us for our aiding the growth of your tools — you look down upon us as peons worth nothing more than a backhanded compliment when you decide to get a rise out of your bookworm buddies….

I can understand your general willingness to to keep things clean. I can also understand why some would want to game your tools for their own benefit. But, if one man takes advantage of you — do you suddenly look down upon all others? Of course you shouldn’t – but you have and continue to do so. The worst part is, you go on this fanatical crusade to halt all search marketers from accessing your pride and joy — when there are much, much bigger issues at hand.

If you are serious about building wikipedia out as the de facto information resource online — you had better check yourself. The more you come out and penalize those trying to become involved in your socially driven tool, the more you look foolish.

Rather than make yourself and other power users of the wiki look like estranged cult members — spread the love. If you continue to bite the hand that feeds you, you will damn well go hungry. And with that, I’m out.

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