Welcome to Matt Cutts Monday!

Welcome to Matt Cutts Monday!

I was talking to Loren last week about the early days of the WebmasterWorld PubCon conferences, and in particular, the one up in Boston.

At that PubCon in 2003, Gerhart, Travoli, myself and so many others were able to work one on one angles on guys like Tim Mayer, Paul Gardi and of course, Matt Cutts. Believe me when I say, the industry is nothing like it was then — and that’s a bad thing. It was also my first time meeting Shak, Oilman, Toolman and many others who I had read for years over on WMW…

Today, we get caught up in week long conferences, thousands of attendees and a barrage of marketing. Brett Tabke knew how to run a good show back in the day — and I applaud ’em for it. Nothing beats seeing Cutts just steps outside an impromptu round table of affiliate marketing with (at the time anyways) some of the strongest minds in the game in the basement of a random Beantown Pub.

Anyways, this morning Justin told me something I didn’t know — but should have. Matt Cutts hooked me up with a couple of links for my coverage on Google Webmaster Tools.

Thanks Matt!

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