Why I Won’t Be Using Google’s Web History

Why I Won’t Be Using Google’s Web History

There have been mixed reactions to Google’s controversial launch of its’ “web history” service. While many of the conspiracy theorists out there are running and hiding from any further Google invasion, others are welcoming the add on with open arms.

Since the reactions have been so mixed, I decided to take a shot in using the service… albeit, with a brand new Google account.

First off, before I can even access my web history, I’m prompted to enable the web history service… AND PageRank

You should know: Web History relies on your Toolbar’s PageRank feature to send information about the web pages you visit to Google. This information is then associated with your Google Account. See our Web History and Toolbar Privacy Policies.

I’m all set with that — and as such, that’s as far as my testing went of this service. I read on Barry’s post this morning that someone liked the service — but for some pretty simple reasons:

In both instances it was to find a search I’d done for a site and couldn’t remember for the life of me the site’s URL. It was a huge help. (Please read full discussion)

Isn’t that what your history is for? I mean, if that’s the best that Google can bring to the table after infringing upon my privacy, I’m all set with this stuff…

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